Free Range Goose & Duck

Welcome to Kilkenny Free Range

We’re located on the outskirts of Kilkenny city in the small townsland of Shellumsrath. Great quality, authentic food has always been a passion of ours and the reason we turned our hobby into a business more than 15 years ago. We pride ourselves on the quality of our produce, the loyalty we have for our customers and they have for us.

Free Range Goose

Our Geese are reared for the Christmas and New Year Period. Our volume of production is small by industry standards ensuring that we maintain the highest quality. Whether you’re a long standing goose lover or new to the world of goose, get in touch to find out more or make an order today.

Free Range Duck

Our ducklings are housed in mobile sheds, giving them free access to pasture during daylight hours. We usually rear our ducks in batches in response to demand. If you would like to order a free range duck, get in touch to see when we will have our next supply of fresh produce.

Order your Christmas Goose today!

Thinking about having goose this Christmas? Get in touch to make your order today.

That time ‘Ear to the Ground’ came to visit

Check out the clip from the time ‘Ear to the Ground’ visited Kilkenny Free Range a few years ago. We talk about how it all it all started out for us and Campagne’s Head Chef, Garreth Byrne shows us how to really cook duck!